Market Performance Under Unified or Split

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U.S. Stocks Calendar Year Returns

Stocks and Rising Interest Rates

Stocks During Midterm Years

Volatility Is Normal
in October

Stocks After
Midterm Election

Are Normal

10 Best and Worst Days of the Year

Stocks Tend
to Bounce

Largest Daily Changes

Valuations Attractive

After Market Decline

Big Year-End Bounce Possible for Stocks

The Calendar Is a Bull’s Best Friend

Gains During Midterm Elections

British Pound and Euro Drop

Energy Stocks Have Not Kept Up with Oil

Earnings Growth
May Be Peaking

Fewer Companies Cited "Tariff"

Santa Comes
in December

Trying to Recover from Volatile October

Market Weakness Pressures China

Potentially Bullish Chart for Crude Oil

Healthy Wage

Possible Triple
Bottom Forming?

Not All Bear Markets Are Equal

U.S. Stocks’ Resilience

Higher Equity
Risk Premiums

Big Drops in
Stock Valuations

Lower Stock
Market Valuations

Operating Margins
on the Upswing

Strong but Slower Q4 Earnings Growth

Stocks Gains After Govn't Shutdowns

Brexit and
U.K. Stock Market

British Pound
Showing Some Life

Recent Bounce Could Have Bulls Smiling

Super Bowl

End Near for Fed Rate Hike Campaign?

February Can Be Weak for Stocks

Solid but Slower Q4 Earnings Growth

Strong Future

Big Surge in
4-Week Highs

Year to Recapture Pre-Bear Peaks

Bar Lowered for First Quarter

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